Kocak, Salih

Assistant Professor

PhD Civil & Environmental Engineering, Michigan State University, 2016
MS Civil & Environmental Engineering, Michigan State University, 2011
BS Civil Engineering with Construction Management Specialization, Middle East Technical University, 2007

Dr. Kocak, an Assistant Professor at Construction Management program at UWF, has 15+ years of expertise and experience in higher education, private and public sector, working as an academician, consultant, project engineer, and project manager in multiple projects in Europe, Asia, Middle East and the United States.

Dr. Kocak’s main research area is construction management and engineering materials including composite materials, nanomaterials, fibers, polymers, glass and construction materials. His research interest covers visco-elasto-plastic material characterization, fatigue and thermal cracking behavior, destructive and non-destructive testing, enhancing mechanical properties, fracture and energy-based damage characterization, numerical modelling such as sound generation and propagation using Lattice-Boltzmann as well as crack formation and growth.

ORCiD: 0000-0002-6049-5266
ResearcherID: J-9172-2019