Family Therapy with Diverse Peoples

Abstract/Description: This paper examines literature regarding family social work, ethnic minorities, and family therapy with ethnic minorities. To assess the prevalence of each topic in social work literature, seven major journals were evaluated between 2010 to 2020. This analysis found that there were 2,843 articles published during this timeframe. Of these articles, 78 were focused on family therapy, 428 on ethnic minorities, and 11 on family therapy with ethnic minorities. Family therapy and cultural competency are important elements in social work practice. However, the proportion of articles that addressed this subject area does not support the level of importance and commitment the profession of social work has for cultural competency. In this paper, several recommendations are made to increase efforts in each topic. In turn, these recommendations could improve focus and efforts to incorporate cultural competence in social work. These recommendations specifically are made with the goal of improving family therapy practice.
Subject(s): Family social work
Cultural competence
Graduate research
Date Issued: 2021