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1 Theme-based book review Instability and reconsideration 2020 Christopher L. Atkinson
2 Performance management for learning, reform, and change 2018 Christopher L. Atkinson
3 Research on immigration policy in the European Union A review of books 2018 Christopher L. Atkinson
4 A review of Stillman’s Anthology, Dwight Waldo: Administrative theorist for our times 2021 Christopher L. Atkinson
5 [Review of "Blackbeard: The hunt for the world's most notorious pirate" by Craig Cabell, Graham A. Thomas, and Allan Richards] 2013 Cynthia Catellier
6 [Review of "Nexus of Empire: Negotiating Loyalty and Identity in the Revolutionary Borderlands, 1760s-1820s" by Gene Allen Smith and Sylvia L. Hilton] 2013 Cynthia Catellier
7 [Review of "The Day the World Was Shocked: The Lusitania Disaster and Its Influence on World War I by John Protasio] 2012 Cynthia Catellier
8 [Review of Hitler's charisma: Leading millions into the abyss by Laurence Rees] 2013 Daniel E. Miller
9 Review of The Gulf of Mexico: A Maritime History by John S. Sledge 2020 Della Scott-Ireton
10 Stop messing with old-growth forests 2018 Frank S. Gilliam
11 Review of "Business Improvement Districts in the United States: Private Government and Public Consequences" by Abraham Unger 2018 Haris Alibašić
12 Review of Understanding Police Use of Force by Howard Rahtz; Understanding Police Use of Force: Officers, Suspects and Reciprocity by Geoffrey P. Alpert and Roger G. Dunham; and Into the Killing Zone: A Cop’s Eye View of Deadly Force by David Klinger 2005 Hasan Buker
13 Review of evangelicals and American foreign policy 2015 Jacob Shively
14 Unearthing the roots and lessons of conflict [Review of Vortex of Conflict: U.S. Policy toward Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iraq by Dan Caldwell] 2011 Jacob Shively
15 [Review of the book Gaslight lawyers: Criminal trials & exploits in gilded age New York] 2019 Jennifer L. Brinkley
16 Review of Our Rightful Pace: A history of women at the University of Kentucky 1880-1945 2021 Jennifer L. Brinkley
17 [Review of "Loving learning: How progressive education can save America's schools by Tom Little and Katherine Ellison] 2016 John L. Pecore
18 Response by K. Killgrove to C. Bruun, "Water, oxygen isotopes and immigration to Ostia-Portus" 2010 Kristina Killgrove
19 Review of "Popes and Jews: 1095-1291" by Rebecca Rist 2017 Marie-Thérèse Champagne