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1 [Review of "Blackbeard: The hunt for the world's most notorious pirate" by Craig Cabell, Graham A. Thomas, and Allan Richards] 2013 Cynthia Catellier
2 Review of evangelicals and American foreign policy 2015 Jacob Shively
3 Response by K. Killgrove to C. Bruun, "Water, oxygen isotopes and immigration to Ostia-Portus" 2010 Kristina Killgrove
4 [Review of Hitler's charisma: Leading millions into the abyss by Laurence Rees] 2013 Daniel E. Miller
5 [Review of "Loving learning: How progressive education can save America's schools by Tom Little and Katherine Ellison] 2016 John L. Pecore
6 Review of "Business Improvement Districts in the United States: Private Government and Public Consequences" by Abraham Unger 2018 Haris Alibašić
7 [Review of "Nexus of Empire: Negotiating Loyalty and Identity in the Revolutionary Borderlands, 1760s-1820s" by Gene Allen Smith and Sylvia L. Hilton] 2013 Cynthia Catellier
8 [Review of "The Day the World Was Shocked: The Lusitania Disaster and Its Influence on World War I by John Protasio] 2012 Cynthia Catellier
9 Unearthing the roots and lessons of conflict [Review of Vortex of Conflict: U.S. Policy toward Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iraq by Dan Caldwell] 2011 Jacob Shively
10 [Review of the book Gaslight lawyers: Criminal trials & exploits in gilded age New York] 2019 Jennifer L. Brinkley
11 Review of Our Rightful Pace: A history of women at the University of Kentucky 1880-1945 2021 Jennifer L. Brinkley
12 Stop messing with old-growth forests 2018 Frank S. Gilliam
13 Theme-based book review Instability and reconsideration 2020 Christopher L. Atkinson
14 Performance management for learning, reform, and change 2018 Christopher L. Atkinson
15 Research on immigration policy in the European Union A review of books 2018 Christopher L. Atkinson
16 A review of Stillman’s Anthology, Dwight Waldo: Administrative theorist for our times 2021 Christopher L. Atkinson
17 Review of Understanding Police Use of Force by Howard Rahtz; Understanding Police Use of Force: Officers, Suspects and Reciprocity by Geoffrey P. Alpert and Roger G. Dunham; and Into the Killing Zone: A Cop’s Eye View of Deadly Force by David Klinger 2005 Hasan Buker
18 Review of The Gulf of Mexico: A Maritime History by John S. Sledge 2020 Della Scott-Ireton
19 Review of "Popes and Jews: 1095-1291" by Rebecca Rist 2017 Marie-Thérèse Champagne