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1 Land reclamation along West Germany's North Sea coast, with particular emphasis upon North Friesia 1980 Klaus J. Meyer-Arendt
2 Tecolutla Mexico's by-passed "Acapulco East" 1990 Klaus J. Meyer-Arendt
3 Deterioration and restoration of the Grande Batture Islands, Mississippi 1991 Klaus J. Meyer-Arendt
4 Tourism development on the north Yucatan Coast Human response to shoreline erosion and hurricanes 1991 Klaus J. Meyer-Arendt
5 Human-environment relationships along the Mississippi coast 1992 Klaus J. Meyer-Arendt
6 Seaside resorts in the Dominican Republic A typology 1992 Klaus J. Meyer-Arendt
7 Analysis of land use and land cover changes on the Mississippi Coast 1950s-1992 1995 Stephen M. Oivanki
8 Mississippi casinos and geographic concepts 1997 Klaus J. Meyer-Arendt
9 Hurricanes and casinos in Biloxi, Mississippi 1999 Rob Schwartz