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1 Decreased atmospheric nitrogen deposition in eastern North America: Predicted responses of forest ecosystems 2019 Frank S. Gilliam
2 Response of temperate forest ecosystems under decreased nitrogen deposition Research challenges and opportunities 2021 Frank S. Gilliam
3 A novel mechanism to explain success of invasive herbaceous species at the expense of natives in eastern hardwood forests 2016 Frank S. Gilliam
4 Forest ecosystems of temperate climatic regions from ancient use to climate change 2016 Frank S. Gilliam
5 Twenty-five-year response of the herbaceous layer of a temperate hardwood forest to elevated nitrogen deposition 2016 Frank S. Gilliam
6 Variation in vegetation and microbial linkages with slope aspect in a montane temperate hardwood forest 2014 Frank S. Gilliam
7 Variation with slope aspect in effects of temperature on nitrogen mineralization and nitrification in mineral soil of mixed hardwood forests 2015 Frank S. Gilliam
8 Nitrogen (N) dynamics in the mineral soil of a Central Appalachian Hardwood Forest during a quarter century of whole-watershed N additions 2018 Frank S. Gilliam
9 Effects of excess nitrogen on biogeochemistry of a temperate hardwood forest: Evidence of nutrient redistribution by a forest understory species 2016 Frank S. Gilliam
10 Impacts of tropical cyclones on longleaf pine ecosystems of Florida Tropical cyclogenesis, landfall frequencies, and climate change 2021 Frank S. Gilliam
11 Response of soil fertility to 25 years of experimental acidification in a temperate hardwood forest 2020 Frank S. Gilliam
12 The University of West Florida campus ecosystem study the college/university campus as a unit for study of the ecology of longleaf pine 2021 Frank S. Gilliam
13 The University of West Florida campus ecosystem study gopher tortoise and longleaf pine populations in an urban interface 2020 Frank S. Gilliam
14 Excess nitrogen in temperate forest ecosystems decreases herbaceous layer diversity and shifts control from soil to canopy structure 2019 Frank S. Gilliam
15 Stop messing with old-growth forests 2018 Frank S. Gilliam
16 Response of herbaceous layer species to canopy and soil variables in a central Appalachian hardwood forest ecosystem 2019 Frank S. Gilliam