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1 Casino gambling in America Origins, trends, and impacts 1998 Klaus Meyer-Arendt
2 Database design using entity-relationship diagrams [2e] 2012 Sikha Bagui
3 Historic Pensacola 2009 John J. Clune
4 A case study approach to educational leadership 2019 Julie A. Gray
5 The struggle for the Georgia Coast An 18th-century Spanish retrospective on Guale and Mocama 1995 John E. Worth
6 Sustainability and resilience planning for local governments The quadruple bottom line strategy 2018 Haris Alibašić
7 Discovering Florida First-contact narratives from Spanish expeditions along the lower Gulf Coast 2014 John E. Worth
8 Oracle SQL For Secure Relational Databases 2021 Richard Earp
9 Practical guide to using SQL in Oracle: 3rd edition 2021 Richard Earp
10 Make America first again grand strategy analysis and the Trump administration 2020 Jacob Shively
11 Health informatics Practical guide for healthcare and information technology professionals (Sixth Edition) 2014 Robert E. Hoyt
12 Learning SQL on SQL Server 2005 2005 Sikha Bagui
13 Database design using entity-relationship diagrams 2003 Sikha Bagui
14 Essential SQL on SQL Server 2008 2011 Sikha Bagui
15 Learning SQL: A step by step guide to using Oracle 2003 Richard Earp
16 Learning SQL: A step-by-step guide using Access 2004 Richard Earp
17 SQL essentials in Access 2009 Sikha Bagui
18 SQL server 2014 A step by step guide to learning SQL 2015 Sikha Bagui
19 Practical guide to using SQL in Oracle 2nd edition 2015 Sikha Bagui