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1 Validating a measure of work stress for correctional staff A structural equation modeling approach 2012 George E. Higgins
2 Serious juvenile offenders who have experienced emerging adulthood Substance use and recidivism 2016 Andrew S. Denney
3 Motivations and the need for fulfillment of faith-based halfway house volunteers 2013 Andrew S. Denney
4 Modifying an Introduction to Criminal Justice course to be writing-intensive 2021 Natalie Goulette
5 Measuring work stress among correctional staff A Rasch measurement approach 2013 George E. Higgins
6 How to write a literature review 2013 Andrew S. Denney
7 Homophobic assault 2013 Richard Tewksbury
8 Faith-based programs 2017 Andrew S. Denney
9 Exposure, Indecent 2013 Richard Tewksbury
10 Disciplinary infractions behind bars An exploration of importation and deprivation theories 2014 Richard Tewksbury
11 CV 2016
12 Characteristics of successful personal ads in a BDSM on-line community 2013 Andrew S. Denney
13 Chaplains 2017 Andrew S. Denney
14 Bug chasing The pursuit for HIV infection 2014 Andrew S. Denney
15 Bondage and discipline 2014 Andrew S. Denney
16 Beyond basic needs Social support and structure for successful offender reentry 2014 Andrew S. Denney