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To temp or not to temp
Finley, M. L. (2002). To temp or not to temp: An informal opinion on temporary jobs. The Primary Source, 24(1). doi:10.18785/ps.2401.01
The "re-" in reprocessing
Finley, M. (2002). The "re-" in reprocessing. The Primary Source, 24(1), 9-10. doi:10.18785/ps.2401.05
The great good place
Finley Gonzalez, M., & Westley Ziegler, A. (2014). The great good place: Creating space for knowledge creation. Letting Go of Legacy Services: Library Case Studies, 122-131.
Personal librarians for online learners
Ziegler, A., & Gonzalez, M. (2020). Personal librarians for online learners. Library Services for Online Patrons: A Manual for Facilitating Access, Learning, and Engagement, 87-89.