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1 To temp or not to temp An informal opinion on temporary jobs 2002 Melissa L. Finley
2 What do undergraduate course syllabi say about information literacy? 2016 Britt McGowan
3 What makes the front pages? Documenting what course syllabi say about information literacy 2015
4 I feel like Tony Stark! Connecting students to smart technolgies 2013 Melissa Gonzalez
5 E-WOREP Updating and automating the Wisconsin-Ohio Reference Evaluation Project 2015 Melissa Gonzalez
6 Smart enough to collaborate 2014 Amanda Ziegler
7 The "re-" in reprocessing 2002 Melissa Finley
8 Academic monograph tastes on a paperback budget An MIS for collection development 2012 Melissa Gonzalez
9 Assessing the culture of teaching and learning through a syllabus review 2015 Claudia J. Stanny
10 Promoting information literacy at UWF Collaborations between librarians and faculty 2015 Melissa Gonzalez
11 Reviewing syllabi to document teaching culture and inform decisions 2014 Claudia Stanny
12 The great good place Creating space for knowledge creation 2014 Amanda Ziegler
13 Personal librarians for online learners 2020 Amanda Ziegler
14 Assessing an academic library collection for diversity, equity, and inclusion 2021 Melissa Gonzalez
15 Using diversity codes for a retrospective assessment of a library collection 2021 Melissa Gonzalez
16 CV 2021 Gonzalez, Melissa