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1 Modulation of mitochondrial phenotypes by endurance exercise contributes to neuroprotection against a MPTP-induced animal model of PD 2018 Yongchul Jang
2 Endurance exercise mediates neuroprotection against MPTP-mediated Parkinson's disease via enhanced neurogenesis, antioxidant capacity, and autophagy 2018 Yongchul Jang
3 Neuroprotective effects of endurance exercise against high-fat diet-induced hippocampal neuroinflammation 2016 Eun-Bum Kang
4 The effects of concurrent training on female soccer players 2018 Lauren Adlof
5 Effect of combined anti-inflammatory and nutritional supplements on recovery from resistance exercise 2017 S.A. Baggett
6 Role of exercise and dietary supplementation in attenuation of traumatic brain injury in American football 2019 Kyle Rank
7 Potential signaling pathways of acute endurance exercise-induced cardiac autophagy and mitophagy and its possible role in cardioprotection 2017 Youngil Lee
8 Effects of a periodized training program and a traditional military training program on functional movement and Y-balance tests in ROTC cadets 2017 Ludmila M. Cosio-Lima
9 Effects of long-term resistance exercise training on autophagy in rat skeletal muscle of chloroquine-induced sporadic inclusion body myositis 2015 Insu Kwon
10 Fast twitch skeletal muscle remodeling by prolonged endurance exercise is associated with crosstalk between anabolic and catabolic signaling pathways in mice 2018 Insu Kwon
11 Cardiac kinetophagy coincides with activation of anabolic signaling 2016 Youngil Lee