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1 Barrier island settlement and landuse evolution A Gulf Coast model 1987 Meyer-Arendt, Klaus J.
2 Building automation systems and cyber security A multiple discipline perspective 2017 Glenda Mayo
3 Casino gambling on the Mississippi Coast Landscape change and coastal management issues 1994 Klaus J. Meyer-Arendt
4 Classification and mapping habitats within the Mississippi River Deltaic Plain Region 1982 Klaus J. Meyer-Arendt
5 Exploring relationship between asthma and air pollution A geospatial methodology using dasymetric mapping, GIS analysis, and spatial statistics 2007 Z. Hu
6 Grand Isle The evolution of a Louisiana seaside resort 1987 Meyer-Arendt, Klaus J.
7 Human impact on coastal and estuarine environments in Mississippi 1991 Klaus J. Meyer-Arendt
8 Louisiana wetland loss and sea level rise A regional management approach to the problem 1987 Paul Templet
9 Moving towards an adaptive enterprise intrusion detection and prevention system 2015 Thomas Cole Amick
10 Recreational urbanization and shoreline modification along the north coast of Yucatán, Mexico 2000 Klaus J. Meyer-Arendt
11 Sediment--asset or liability 1981 Johannes L. van Beek
12 Shoreline changes along the North Yucatan Coast 1993 Klaus J. Meyer-Arendt
13 Utilization of remote sensing in wetland management 1981 Karen M. Wicker
14 Wetland loss in the delta plain of the Mississippi River 1987 Klaus J. Meyer-Arendt