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1 A review of electronics demanufacturing processes 2006 J. A. S. Williams
2 Single versus hybrid time horizons for open access scheduling 2011 Xiuli Qu
3 Repackaging An opportunity for environmentally conscious manufacturers 2003-2004 Taylor Rich
4 An analytical model for reverse automotive production planning and pricing 2008 Xiuli Qu
5 Plastics disassembly versus bulk recycling Engineering design for end-of-life electronics resource recovery 2003 Pedro Rios
6 A symbolic methodology to improve disassembly process design 2003 Pedro Rios
7 On-line content uniformity determination of tablets using low-resolution Raman spectroscopy 2006 Håkan Wikström
8 CV
9 Online quality control with Raman spectroscopy in pharmaceutical tablet manufacturing 2004 Winston Bonawi-Tan
10 Increasing service through aggressive dealer inventory return policies 2003 Sara Lonn
11 Model-based analysis of capacity and service fees for electronics recyclers 2006 Qin Lu
12 A review of research towards computer integrated demanufacturing for materials recovery 2007 J. A. S. Williams
13 Scheduling selective disassembly for plastics recovery in an electronics recycling center 2004 Pedro J. Rios
14 Managing returns in a catalog distribution center 2004 Joyce Gates
15 A switching rule for plastics identification in electronics recycling 2008 J. A. S. Williams
16 An engineering approach to plastic recycling based on rheological characterization 2002 Christiana Kuswanti
17 An automotive bulk recycling planning model 2007 J. A. S. Williams
18 An investigation of bulk recycling planning for an electronics recycling facility receiving industrial returns versus residential returns 2003 Qin Lu