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1 Validating a measure of work stress for correctional staff A structural equation modeling approach 2012 George E. Higgins
2 How to write a literature review 2013 Andrew S. Denney
3 Motivations and the need for fulfillment of faith-based halfway house volunteers 2013 Andrew S. Denney
4 Measuring work stress among correctional staff A Rasch measurement approach 2013 George E. Higgins
5 Characteristics of successful personal ads in a BDSM on-line community 2013 Andrew S. Denney
6 Beyond basic needs Social support and structure for successful offender reentry 2014 Andrew S. Denney
7 Bondage and discipline 2014 Andrew S. Denney
8 Serious juvenile offenders who have experienced emerging adulthood Substance use and recidivism 2016 Andrew S. Denney
9 CV 2016
10 Faith-based programs 2017 Andrew S. Denney
11 Chaplains 2017 Andrew S. Denney
12 Modifying an Introduction to Criminal Justice course to be writing-intensive 2021 Natalie Goulette