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A few bad apples?
Davis, J. L., Payne, G. T., & McMahan, G. C. (2007). A few bad apples?: Scandalous behavior of mutual fund managers. Journal of Business Ethics, 76, 319-334. doi:10.1007/s10551-006-9284-1
Entrepreneurial orientation
Davis, J. L., & Fodor, A. (2012). Entrepreneurial orientation. Encyclopedia of New Venture Management, 126-127.
Entrepreneurial orientation and firm performance
Davis, J. L., Bell, R. G., Payne, G. T., & Kreiser, P. M. (2010). Entrepreneurial orientation and firm performance: The moderating role of managerial power. American Journal of Business, 25(2), 41-54. doi:10.1108/19355181201000009
Social capital
Davis, J. L., & Stoner, J. (2012). Social capital. Encyclopedia of New Venture Management, 416-418.
Stale in the pulpit?
Davis, J. L., Bell, R. G., & Payne, G. T. (2010). Stale in the pulpit?: Leader tenure and the relationship between market growth strategy and church performance. International Journal of Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Marketing, 15(4), 352-368. doi:10.1002/nvsm.397
Team interdependence and turnover
Davis, J. L., Fodor, A., Pfahl, M. E., & Stoner, J. (2014). Team interdependence and turnover: Evidence from the NFL. American Journal of Business, 39(3), 276-292. doi:10.1108/AJB-02-2014-0009