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Towards a domain-independent function-based recognition system
Sutton, M., Liu, H., Stark, L., & Bowyer, K. (1995). Towards a domain-independent function-based recognition system. FLAIRS 95 : Proceedings of the Eighth Florida Artificial Intelligence Research Symposium : Melbourne, Florida, April 27-29, 1995.
Assessment in online programs
Sutton, M., White, L., Mbizo, J., & Stewart, G. (2010). Assessment in online programs: Use in strategic planning for faculty/adjunct development and course instruction to improve faculty and student engagement. International Journal on Elearning, 9(1), 129-145.
"We do dishes, but we don't do windows"
Sutton, M., Stark, L., & Kevin, B. (1992). "We do dishes, but we don’t do windows": Function-based modeling and recognition of rigid objects. Proc. SPIE 1825, Intelligent Robots and Computer Vision XI: Algorithms, Techniques, and Active Vision: Applications in Optical Science and Engineering, 1992, Boston, MA, United States, 132-143. doi:10.1117/12.131522