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1 Expected functions of an effective child justice system administration? A framework developed through a qualitative study in Turkey 2019 Hasan Buker
2 Formation of self-control Gottfredson and Hirschi's general theory of crime and beyond 2011 Hasan Buker
3 A motivation based classification of terrorism 2017 Hasan Buker
4 Is this kid a likely experimenter or a likely persister? An analysis of individual-level and family-level risk factors predicting multiple offending among a group of adjudicated youth 2018 Hasan Buker
5 How important is it to experience "how a line officer feels" for police supervisors? Outcomes of an uncommon two‐track promotion system in the Turkish National Police 2010 Hasan Buker
6 Police job satisfaction in Turkey Effects of demographic, organizational and jurisdictional factors 2010 Hasan Buker
7 A guide to diversity, equity & inclusion conversations Lead the dialogue 2021 Hasan Buker
8 Seeking help from formal sources among teen dating violence victims Exploring the role of incident and victim characteristics 2021 Hasan Buker
9 CV 2021 Hasan Buker
10 Are causes of police stress global? Testing the effects of common police stressors on the Turkish National Police 2007 Hasan Buker
11 Evidence at crime scene of traffic accidents with unknown agent 2002 Hasan Buker
12 The value of footwear impressions as evidence The footwear evidence in O. J. Simpson trial 2002 Hasan Buker
13 Review of Understanding Police Use of Force by Howard Rahtz; Understanding Police Use of Force: Officers, Suspects and Reciprocity by Geoffrey P. Alpert and Roger G. Dunham; and Into the Killing Zone: A Cop’s Eye View of Deadly Force by David Klinger 2005 Hasan Buker
14 Substance abuse in Turkey A critical review 2006 Hasan Buker
15 A commentary on transported women sex workers: From Nigeria to Europe 2007 Hasan Buker
16 Threatening offense as a sociological phenomenon Criminological perspectives 2011 Hasan Buker