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1 Assemblages of the dead Interpreting the biocultural and taphonomic signature of Afro-Cuban Palo practice in Florida 2016 Allysha Powanda Winburn
2 Stroke disparities in Florida Examining the relationship between county classification, age-adjusted stroke mortality rates, and the presence of primary strok 2021 Daudet Ilunga Tshiswaka
3 Impact of demographic and behavioral risk factors on oral cancer in Florida 2018 Denice Curtis
4 Social justice implications of domestic violence court processes 2007 Diane L. Scott
5 Impacts of tropical cyclones on longleaf pine ecosystems of Florida Tropical cyclogenesis, landfall frequencies, and climate change 2021 Frank S. Gilliam
6 Andrew Jackson's Florida Jackson's military strategy in the American acquisition of Florida 2021 Gene McGuire
7 The time geography of beach access 2021 Jayden Spiess
8 A path forward Florida's efforts to combat human trafficking 2020 Jennifer L. Brinkley