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1 Function-based generic recognition for multiple object categories 1993 Melanie Sutton
2 Towards a domain-independent function-based recognition system 1995 Melanie Sutton
3 Assessment in online programs Use in strategic planning for faculty/adjunct development and course instruction to improve faculty and student engagement 2010 Melanie Sutton
4 Chapter II: Related work 1996 Melanie Sutton
5 "We do dishes, but we don't do windows" Function-based modeling and recognition of rigid objects 1992 Melanie Sutton
6 Chapter VI: The function-based analogy process 1996 Melanie Sutton
7 Chapter VII: Recognition results for complete 3-D shapres 1996 Melanie Sutton
8 Chapter V: The "Category Definition Tree" 1996 Melanie Sutton
9 Chapter III: The "Knowledge Primitives" 1996 Melanie Sutton