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1 Florida's mystery wreck 2006 Jennifer F. McKinnon
2 Social justice implications of domestic violence court processes 2007 Diane L. Scott
3 Shared heritage British shipwrecks in Florida 2008 Della A. Scott-Ireton
4 The Flintlock Site (8JA1763) An unusual underwater deposit in the Apalachicola River, Florida 2009 Christopher E. Horrell
5 Assemblages of the dead Interpreting the biocultural and taphonomic signature of Afro-Cuban Palo practice in Florida 2016 Allysha Powanda Winburn
6 Impact of demographic and behavioral risk factors on oral cancer in Florida 2018 Denice Curtis
7 A path forward Florida's efforts to combat human trafficking 2020 Jennifer L. Brinkley
8 The time geography of beach access 2021 Jayden Spiess
9 Stroke disparities in Florida Examining the relationship between county classification, age-adjusted stroke mortality rates, and the presence of primary strok 2021 Daudet Ilunga Tshiswaka
10 Impacts of tropical cyclones on longleaf pine ecosystems of Florida Tropical cyclogenesis, landfall frequencies, and climate change 2021 Frank S. Gilliam
11 Andrew Jackson's Florida Jackson's military strategy in the American acquisition of Florida 2021 Gene McGuire