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1 Enabling school structures, collegial trust and academic emphasis Antecedents of professional learning communities 2016 Julie A. Gray
2 International professional learning communities The role of enabling school structures, trust, and collective ffficacy 2015 Julie A. Gray
3 Organizational and relational factors in professional learning communities 2014 Julie Gray
4 Investigating the Role of Collective Trust, Collective Efficacy, and Enabling School Structures on Overall School Effectiveness 2016 Julie Gray
5 Enabling school structures, trust, and collective efficacy in private international schools 2016 Julie A. Gray
6 The effects of student engagement, student satisfaction, and perceived learning in online learning environments 2016 Julie A. Gray
7 Leadership-focused coaching A research-based approach for supporting aspiring leaders 2018 Julie Gray
8 Leadership coaching and mentoring A research-based model for stronger partnerships 2018 Julie Gray
9 Academic optimism and enabling school structure Predictors of professional learning communities 2021 Julie Anne Gray