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1 Airdata sensor fault detection and isolation for receiver aircraft in aerial refueling 2013 Hakki Erhan Sevil
2 Airdata-sensor-based relative position estimation for receiver aircraft in aerial refueling 2017 Hakki Erhan Sevil
3 Anomaly detection using parity space approach in team of UAV's with entropy based distributed behavior 2020 Hakki Erhan Sevil
4 Condition monitoring of drill bits by use of nonlinear dynamics measures 2007 Hakki Erhan Sevil
5 Evaluation of extant computer vision techniques for detecting intruder sUASv 2017 Hakki Erhan Sevil
6 False fault detection in airdata sensor due to nonuniform wind in aerial refueling 2011 Hakki Erhan Sevil
7 Fault diagnosis in air data sensors for receiver aircraft in aerial refueling 2015 Hakki Erhan Sevil
8 Investigation of measurement noise effect on wind field estimation using multiple UAVs 2019 Hakki Erhan Sevil
9 Modeling of an unmanned ground vehicle for autonomous navigation and obstacle avoidance simulations 2012 Hakki Erhan Sevil
10 Prediction of a small diameter drill bit breakage using metric entropy 2006 Hakki Erhan Sevil
11 Real-time obstacle avoidance and waypoint navigation of an unmanned ground vehicle 2012 Hakki Erhan Sevil
12 State space smoothing through singular value decomposition (SVD) 2010 Hakki Erhan Sevil
13 The link between system complexity and the drill bit failure 2010 Hakki Erhan Sevil
14 The use of correlation dimension in detection of synchronization in mechanical system models 2008 Hakki Erhan Sevil