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1 Fiscal policy and presidential elections, 1880-1992 Research note 1996 Alfred G. Cuzán
2 Deconstructing the 2004 presidential election forecasts The Fiscal Model and the Campbell Collection compared 2005 Alfred G. Cuzán
3 Fiscal policy and presidential elections Update and extensions 2000 Alfred G. Cuzán
4 Selected fiscal and economic effects on presidential elections 1992 Alfred G. Cuzán
5 Expenditures and votes In search of downward-sloping curves in the United States and Great Britain 1985 Alfred G. Cuzán
6 Forecasting the 2008 presidential election with the fiscal model The challenge met 2009 Alfred G. Cuzán
7 Predicting presidential elections with equally weighted regressors in Fair's equation and the Fiscal Model 2009 Alfred G. Cuzán
8 Forecasting the 2008 presidential election A challenge for the fiscal model 2008 Alfred G. Cuzán
9 Cuba’s ranking in the Fitzgibbon democracy surveys Reflecting a leftist bias? 2007 Alfred G. Cuzán
10 Fiscal policy as a forecasting factor in presidential elections 1999 Alfred G. Cuzán
11 Predicting the results of the 2010 midterm elections Judgment, econometrics, and prediction markets 2011 Alfred G. Cuzán
12 A fiscal model of presidential elections in the United States 1880-1980 1984 Alfred G. Cuzán
13 Fiscal policy in American presidential elections A simulation 2009 Alfred G. Cuzán
14 Five laws of politics A follow-up 2019 Alfred G. Cuzán