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1 Effect of nitrogen fertilization on net nitrogen mineralization in a grassland soil, northern China 2011 Xuelin Zhang
2 Spatial variability in soil microbial communities in a Nitrogen-Saturated Hardwood Forest Watershed 2011 Frank S. Gilliam
3 Effects of in situ freezing on soil net nitrogen mineralization and net nitrification in fertilized grassland of northern China 2011 X. Zhang
4 Variation with slope aspect in effects of temperature on nitrogen mineralization and nitrification in mineral soil of mixed hardwood forests 2015 Frank S. Gilliam
5 In situ nitrogen mineralization, nitrification, and ammonia volatilization in maize field fertilized with urea in Huanghuaihai region of northern China 2015 Xuelin Zhang
6 Biogeochemical processes in a small California estuary. 2. Nitrification activity, community structure and role in nitrogen budgets 2003 Jane M. Caffrey
7 Effect of organic loading on nitrification and denitrification in a marine sediment microcosm 1993 J. M. Caffrey
8 A comparison of two nitrification inhibitors used to measure nitrification rates in estuarine sediments 1995 J. M. Caffrey
9 Living oysters and their shells as sites of nitrification and denitrification 2016 Jane M. Caffrey
10 The effects of human activities and extreme meteorological events on sediment nitrogen dynamics in an urban estuary, Escambia Bay, Florida, USA 2009 Kristin A. Smith
11 Effects of upwelling on short-term variability in microbial and biogeochemical processes in estuarine sediments from Elkhorn Slough, California, USA 2010 Jane M. Caffrey