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1 Abandoning strategy Assessing negative feedback and the Bush doctrine 2013 Jacob Shively
2 Analyzing grand strategy as empirical phenomenon during the Trump administration 2018 Jacob Shively
3 Drones as tools of the state system 2015 Jacob Shively
4 Explaining British–Chinese divergence through comparative strategic scopes 2009 Jacob Shively
5 Grand strategic scope in early WWII Germany and Japan April 2010 Jacob Shively
6 Grand strategy constraints and feedback during the GW Bush and Obama administrations August 2014 Jacob Shively
7 Hope, change, pragmatism Analyzing Obama’s grand strategy 2016 Jacob Shively
8 Lost ambition Grand strategy stability and abandoned change in the Jimmy Carter and George W. Bush administrations May 2014 Jacob Shively
9 Reinhold Niebuhr and prescriptions for international leadership June 2010 Jacob Shively
10 Review of evangelicals and American foreign policy 2015 Jacob Shively
11 States systems, origins of 2017 Jacob Shively
12 Unearthing the roots and lessons of conflict [Review of Vortex of Conflict: U.S. Policy toward Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iraq by Dan Caldwell] 2011 Jacob Shively