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1 A case study of secondary teachers facilitating a historical problem-based learning instructional unit 2009 John L. Pecore
2 Introduction for the interplay between creativity and giftedness in science 2016 John L. Pecore
3 [Review of "Loving learning: How progressive education can save America's schools by Tom Little and Katherine Ellison] 2016 John L. Pecore
4 From Kilpatrick’s project method to project-based learning 2015 John L. Pecore
5 Beyond beliefs Teachers adapting problem-based learning to preexisting systems of practice 2013 John L. Pecore
6 Problem-based learning Teachers who flourish and flounder 2013 John L. Pecore
7 Changes in science content knowledge and attitudes toward science teaching of educators attending a zoo-based neuroscience professional development 2013 John L. Pecore
8 Past Introduction: Aims of progressive education 2015 John L. Pecore
9 Review Essay Can progressive education save America’s schools? 2016 John L. Pecore
10 Formal lessons improve informal educational experiences The influence of prior knowledge on student engagement 2017 John L. Pecore
11 Earth core Enhancing delivery of geoscience content in a diverse school system during times of changing state standards 2007 John L. Pecore
12 Editorial for progressive education Antecedents of educating for democracy 2013 John L. Pecore