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1 An automated approach to the initialization of the snakes algorithm for the detection of swimbladder regions in x-ray image data 2015 Jodie Gray
2 Development and assessment of protocols for efficient utilization of large-scale digital mammography databases 2000 Melanie A. Sutton
3 Enhancement and analysis of digital mammograms using fuzzy models 1998 Melanie A. Sutton
4 Exploring relationship between asthma and air pollution A geospatial methodology using dasymetric mapping, GIS analysis, and spatial statistics 2007 Z. Hu
5 Benthic processes in South San Francisco Bay The role of organic inputs and bioturbation 1996 J. M. Caffrey
6 On combining multiple classifiers by fuzzy tempates 1998 Ludmila I. Kuncheva
7 Development and assessment of bioinformatics tools for species conservation and habitat management 2003 Melanie A. Sutton
8 Towards a domain-independent function-based recognition system 1995 Melanie Sutton
9 Rapid segmentation of calcification clusters using multi-resolution guided fuzzy c-means and wavelet processing 2003 Christopher Sentelle
10 Breast cancer detection using image processing techniques 2000 Tobias Christian Cahoon
11 Building automation systems and cyber security A multiple discipline perspective 2017 Glenda Mayo
12 Moving towards an adaptive enterprise intrusion detection and prevention system 2015 Thomas Cole Amick
13 Interactive confirmation of object functionality 1996 M Sutton
14 Small target classification in LADAR images with fuzzy templates 1999 Tim Hutcheson
15 "We do dishes, but we don't do windows" Function-based modeling and recognition of rigid objects 1992 Melanie Sutton