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1 Development and assessment of protocols for efficient utilization of large-scale digital mammography databases 2000 Melanie A. Sutton
2 Enhancement and analysis of digital mammograms using fuzzy models 1998 Melanie A. Sutton
3 Development and assessment of bioinformatics tools for species conservation and habitat management 2003 Melanie A. Sutton
4 Visual engagement techniques for motivating students and just-in-time tutoring 2020 Melanie A. Sutton
5 A competency-based, online Master of Public Health program A model for innovative assessment strategies 2008 Melanie A. Sutton
6 Success with LinkedIn Getting students to think beyond earning an easy 'A' 2010 Melanie A. Sutton
7 Data exploration and engagement strategies for just-in-time tutoring and promoting active learning 2020 Melanie A. Sutton
8 A pilot study in the analysis of digitized mammograms Combining academic and commercial results on a public database 2002 Melanie A. Sutton
9 Building high-quality online programs Support for strategic planning and accreditation efforts using a team-oriented model emphasizing quality, 360-degree assessment, 2011 Melanie A. Sutton