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1 A competency-based, online Master of Public Health program A model for innovative assessment strategies 2008 Melanie A. Sutton
2 A pilot study in the analysis of digitized mammograms Combining academic and commercial results on a public database 2002 Melanie A. Sutton
3 Building high-quality online programs Support for strategic planning and accreditation efforts using a team-oriented model emphasizing quality, 360-degree assessment, 2011 Melanie A. Sutton
4 Data exploration and engagement strategies for just-in-time tutoring and promoting active learning 2020 Melanie A. Sutton
5 Development and assessment of bioinformatics tools for species conservation and habitat management 2003 Melanie A. Sutton
6 Development and assessment of protocols for efficient utilization of large-scale digital mammography databases 2000 Melanie A. Sutton
7 Enhancement and analysis of digital mammograms using fuzzy models 1998 Melanie A. Sutton
8 Exploiting context in function-based reasoning 2002 Melanie A. Sutton
9 Function-based reasoning for goal-oriented image segmentation 2008 Melanie A. Sutton
10 Image segmentation by fuzzy clustering Methods and Issues 2009 Melanie A. Sutton
11 Imaging and communication in medical and public health infomatics Current issues and emerging trends 2009 Melanie A. Sutton
12 Success with LinkedIn Getting students to think beyond earning an easy 'A' 2010 Melanie A. Sutton
13 Visual engagement techniques for motivating students and just-in-time tutoring 2020 Melanie A. Sutton