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1 Academic libraries' contribution to online programs 2003 Robert E. Dugan
2 ACRL update on the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) academic library survey 2014 Robert E. Dugan
3 ACRLMetrics ALA annual conference demonstration and user group meeting 2012 Robert E. Dugan
4 ACRLMetrics 2014 Robert E. Dugan
5 Built by the book for the book A new perspective on the urban university library 2006 Neil Hunt
6 Copyright and educational fair use 2013 Robert E. Dugan
7 CV Dugan, Robert
8 Demonstrating the value of UWF Libraries 2010 Robert E. Dugan
9 Institutional accountability Understanding the library's value 2004 Robert E. Dugan
10 Mildred F. Sawyer Library 2004 Robert E. Dugan
11 News you can use Update on NCES Academic Library (AL) component 2015 Robert E. Dugan
12 Technology applied by U.S. government on the web 2004 Robert E. Dugan
13 The US Government and E-Government Two steps forward, one step backwards? 2004 Peter Hernon