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Investigating the role of collective trust, collective efficacy, and enabling school structures on overall school effectiveness
Gray, J. (2016). Investigating the Role of Collective Trust, Collective Efficacy, and Enabling School Structures on Overall School Effectiveness. NCPEA Education Leadership Review, 17(1), 114-128.
Organizational and relational factors in professional learning communities
Gray, J., Mitchell, R., & Tarter, C. J. (2014). Organizational and relational factors in professional learning communities. Planning and Changing, 45(1), 83-98.
Leadership-focused coaching
Gray, J. (2018). Leadership-focused coaching: A research-based approach for supporting aspiring leaders. International Journal of Educational Leadership Preparation, 13(1), 100-120.
Leadership coaching and mentoring
Gray, J. (2018). Leadership coaching and mentoring: A research-based model for stronger partnerships. International Journal of Education Policy and Leadership, 13(12), 1. doi:10.22230/ijepl.2018v13n12a844