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# Title Subtitle Date Creator
1 Dwellers by the sea American adaptations along the Southern coasts of Eastern North America 2010 Victor D. Thompson
2 Rediscovering a lost Georgia battlefield The 1702 “Battle of the Blankets” along the Lower Flint River January 16, 2004 John E. Worth
3 Late Spanish military expeditions in the Interior Southeast, 1597-1628 1994 John E. Worth
4 The Timucuan missions of Spanish Florida and the rebellion of 1656 1992 John E. Worth
5 Mississippian Occupation on the Middle Flint River 1988 John Eugene Worth
6 Fontaneda revisited Five descriptions of sixteenth-century Florida 1995 John E. Worth
7 Prelude to abandonment The interior provinces of early 17th-century Georgia 1993 John E. Worth
8 A primer on Georgia's American Indian heritage 29 November 2001 John E. Worth
9 Ethnicity and ceramics on the Southeastern Atlantic Coast An ethnohistorical analysis 2009 John E. Woth
10 CV
11 Appendix A: The early seventeenth century location of Tama and Utinahica 1995 John E. Worth