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1 Teaching tips from CUTLA Favorite teaching tips from 2006-2016 2016 Claudia Stanny
2 Discursive intersections Tracing the becoming of pre-service teachers 2016 Elizabeth Bemiss
3 Lost ambition Grand strategy stability and abandoned change in the Jimmy Carter and George W. Bush administrations May 2014 Jacob Shively
4 The Timucuan missions of Spanish Florida and the rebellion of 1656 1992 John E. Worth
5 A case study of secondary teachers facilitating a historical problem-based learning instructional unit 2009 John L. Pecore
6 Bioarchaeology in the Roman world 2005 Kristina Killgrove
7 Migration and mobility in imperial Rome 2010 Kristina Killgrove
8 Abundance, diversity, and distribution of aerobic anoxygenic phototrophic bacteria in the Delaware Estuary 2007 Lisa Waidner
9 Household research at the Late Mississippi Little Egypt Site (9MU102) 2002 Ramie Alphonse Gougeon