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1 Environmental sprawl and weight status The paradox of obesity in the food desert 2015 Wilson, Kellie O’Dare
2 A Medicaid buy-in program would increase health care access for the uninsured but also increase state costs (Report No. 05-62) 2005 Mary Alice Nye
3 AHCA making progress but stronger detection, sanctions, and managed care oversight needed (Report No. 08-08) 2008 Kim Shafer
4 Addressing childhood obesity among children in care The missing Iink to promoting physical wellbeing outcomes 2016 Kellie O'Dare Wilson
5 Place matters Mitigating obesity with the person-in-environment approach 2016 Kellie O'Dare Wilson
6 An ounce of prevention Operationalizing healthy eating and active living recommendations with social work core values 2015 Kellie O'Dare Wilson
7 Shrinking budgets and expanding bodies Battling obesity when the economic belt is tight 2015 Kellie O'Dare Wilson
8 But where can we buy an ounce of prevention? Sprawl, access, and fresh fruit and vegetable consumption 2016 Kellie O'Dare Wilson
9 Medicaid Reform Choice counseling goal met, but some beneficiaries experience difficulties selecting a health plan that best m(Report No. 08-46) 2008 Kellie O'Dare Wilson
10 Beyond the Ecomap GIS as a Promising Yet Chronically Under-Utilized Method in Social Work 2016 Kellie O'Dare Wilson
11 Beyond the ecomap Why social work needs geovisualiztion in practice, policy, teaching, and research 2015 Kellie O'Dare Wilson
12 Florida’s Certificate of Need process ensures qualified hospice programs; Performance reporting is important to assess hospice quality (Report No. 06-29) 2006 Kellie O'Dare Wilson
13 Medicaid Reform More managed care options available; Differences limited by federal and state requirements (Report No. 08-38) 2008 Kellie O'Dare Wilson
14 Medicaid Reform Few beneficiaries have participated in the opt-out program (Report No. 08-37) 2008 Kellie O'Dare Wilson
15 Medicaid Reform Two-thirds of the initial pilot counties’ beneficiaries are enrolled in reform plans (Report No. 08-40) 2008 Kellie O'Dare Wilson
16 Steps have been taken to improve community public health infrastructure throughout Florida (Report No. 06-53) 2006 Kellie O'Dare Wilson
17 Environmental sprawl and weight status The paradox of obesity in the food desert 2011 Kellie O'Dare
18 Medicaid Reform Beneficiaries earn enhanced benefits credits but spend only a small proportion (Report 08-45) 2008 Jennifer Johnson
19 Better reporting still needed on Healthy Communities, Healthy People Initiative (Progress Report No. 07-33) 2007 Jennifer Johnson
20 CV 2016