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1 Do instructors practice full disclosure when teaching the CAPM? 2008 Kevin Krieger
2 Do senior citizens prefer dividends? Local clienteles vs. firm characteristics 2013 Kevin Krieger
3 Patience is a virtue Exploiting behavior bias in gambling markets 2021 Kevin Krieger
4 Post-accident stock returns of aircraft manufacturers based on potential fault 2015 Kevin Krieger
5 Predicting extreme returns and portfolio management implications 2013 Kevin Krieger
6 Predicting stock splits with the help of firm-specific experiences 2009 Kevin Krieger
7 Price movements and the prevalence of informed traders The case of line movement in college basketball 2013 Kevin Krieger
8 The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on dividends 2021 Kevin Krieger
9 The power of wagering on power conferences 2013 Kevin Krieger
10 The unintended consequences of high expectations and pressure on new CEOs 2013 Kevin Krieger