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# Title Subtitle Date Creator
1 Selected topics in women's health and review of community approaches to intervention 2000 Stephen Pickard
2 Evaluation of community health assessment in Kansas 2002 Denice C. Curtis
3 Chapter Six: Quality 2012 Janet Bozzone
4 Developing a hospital-specific electronic inpatient fall surveillance program phase 1 2013 Thomas Falen
5 Can Christian divorce support groups influence forgiveness and health outcomes in black divorcees? A phenomenological investigation 2013 Magon M. Saunders
6 Femoral neck stress fracture in Air Force basic trainees 2014 Kevin R. Kupferer
7 Physician assistant program directors' attitudes, practices, and plans regarding financial compensation to clinical sites 2014 Gerald A. Glavaz
8 Improving inter-professional communication among medical and dental providers treating bisphosphonate therapy patients may reduce the risk of osteonecrosis of the jaw 2014 Tena Dischler
9 Health care practitioners' TB screening practice preferences 2015 Ivan Carbonell-Sanchez
10 The effect of performing a warm-up and cool-down on the flexibility of the calf and hamstring prior to a 50 minute work 2015 Anidi, Lynn W.
11 Assessing the oral health status of three indigenous communities in Ecuador 2016 Denice C. Curtis
12 A descriptive comparative analysis of the strategies used by health care professionals at a rural hospital in Jamaica to promote patient safety. 2016 Opal Davidson
13 Assessing self-reported oral health status of three Andean indigenous communities in Ecuador 2017 Denice C. Curtis
14 Describing the prevalence of Salmonella in children 0-19 in select Florida counties 2017 Julia Palmer
15 CV 2017
16 Technology Fee - ITEP Project Proposal 2017 Denice C. Curtis
17 Utilizing the Caries risk assessment model (Caries management by risk assessment) in Ecuador 2018 Denice C. Curtis
18 Healthcare-associated infections (HAI) and prescribing of antibiotics in hospital inpatients in the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) states a mixed methods systematic review 2019 Tansy Wade
19 FOCUS project at Jackson Memorial Hospital Logic model and initial evaluation 2019 Katiuska Parra