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1 Selected topics in women's health and review of community approaches to intervention 2000 Stephen Pickard
2 Evaluation of community health assessment in Kansas 2002 Denice C. Curtis
3 Chapter Six: Quality 2012 Janet Bozzone
4 Developing a hospital-specific electronic inpatient fall surveillance program phase 1 2013 Thomas Falen
5 Can Christian divorce support groups influence forgiveness and health outcomes in black divorcees? A phenomenological investigation 2013 Magon M. Saunders
6 Femoral neck stress fracture in Air Force basic trainees 2014 Kevin R. Kupferer
7 Physician assistant program directors' attitudes, practices, and plans regarding financial compensation to clinical sites 2014 Gerald A. Glavaz
8 Improving inter-professional communication among medical and dental providers treating bisphosphonate therapy patients may reduce the risk of osteonecrosis of the jaw 2014 Tena Dischler
9 Health care practitioners' TB screening practice preferences 2015 Ivan Carbonell-Sanchez
10 The effect of performing a warm-up and cool-down on the flexibility of the calf and hamstring prior to a 50 minute work 2015 Anidi, Lynn W.
11 A descriptive comparative analysis of the strategies used by health care professionals at a rural hospital in Jamaica to promote patient safety. 2016 Opal Davidson
12 Assessing the oral health status of three indigenous communities in Ecuador Presentation 2016 Curtis, Denice
13 Assessing the Oral Health Status of Three Indigenous Communities in Ecuador 2016 Curtis, Denice
14 Assessing self-reported oral health status of three Andean indigenous communities in Ecuador 2017 Denice C. Curtis
15 Describing the prevalence of Salmonella in children 0-19 in select Florida counties 2017 Julia Palmer
16 CV 2017
17 Utilizing the Caries risk assessment model (Caries management by risk assessment) in Ecuador 2018 Denice C. Curtis
18 Healthcare-associated infections (HAI) and prescribing of antibiotics in hospital inpatients in the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) states a mixed methods systematic review 2019 Tansy Wade
19 FOCUS project at Jackson Memorial Hospital Logic model and initial evaluation 2019 Katiuska Parra