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1 Do option open-interest changes foreshadow future equity returns? 2011 Andy Fodor
2 Post-accident stock returns of aircraft manufacturers based on potential fault 2015 Kevin Krieger
3 Implications for asset returns in the implied volatility skew 2010 James S. Doran
4 The unintended consequences of high expectations and pressure on new CEOs 2013 Kevin Krieger
5 Anchoring, affect, and efficiency of sports gaming markets around playoff positioning 2015 Kevin Krieger
6 Predicting extreme returns and portfolio management implications 2013 Kevin Krieger
7 Price movements and the prevalence of informed traders The case of line movement in college basketball 2013 Kevin Krieger
8 Predicting stock splits with the help of firm-specific experiences 2009 Kevin Krieger
9 Comparing U.S. and European market volatility responses to interest rate policy announcements 2015 Kevin Krieger
10 Do instructors practice full disclosure when teaching the CAPM? 2008 Kevin Krieger
11 The power of wagering on power conferences 2013 Kevin Krieger
12 CV
13 Do senior citizens prefer dividends? Local clienteles vs. firm characteristics 2013 Kevin Krieger
14 Option market efficiency and analyst recommendations 2010 James S. Doran
15 Anchoring and probability weighting in option prices 2017 R. Jared DeLisle
16 Informational differences in NFL point spread and moneyline markets 2012 Andy Fodor
17 Does jet lag create a profitable opportunity for NFL bettors? 2014 Andy Fodor
18 Exploiting week 2 bias in the NFL betting markets 2015 Justin Davis
19 Inefficient pricing from holdover bias in NFL point spread markets 2013 Andy Fodor