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# Title Subtitle Date Creator
1 A primer on Georgia's American Indian heritage 29 November 2001 John E. Worth
2 Appendix A: The early seventeenth century location of Tama and Utinahica 1995 John E. Worth
3 CV
4 Dwellers by the sea American adaptations along the Southern coasts of Eastern North America 2010 Victor D. Thompson
5 Ethnicity and ceramics on the Southeastern Atlantic Coast An ethnohistorical analysis 2009 John E. Woth
6 Fontaneda revisited Five descriptions of sixteenth-century Florida 1995 John E. Worth
7 Late Spanish military expeditions in the Interior Southeast, 1597-1628 1994 John E. Worth
8 Mississippian Occupation on the Middle Flint River 1988 John Eugene Worth
9 Prelude to abandonment The interior provinces of early 17th-century Georgia 1993 John E. Worth
10 Rediscovering a lost Georgia battlefield The 1702 “Battle of the Blankets” along the Lower Flint River January 16, 2004 John E. Worth
11 The Timucuan missions of Spanish Florida and the rebellion of 1656 1992 John E. Worth
12 Where did all the Indians go? 1995 John E. Worth