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1 A fiscal model of presidential elections in the United States 1880-1980 1984 Alfred G. Cuzán
2 Expenditures and votes In search of downward-sloping curves in the United States and Great Britain 1985 Alfred G. Cuzán
3 Selected fiscal and economic effects on presidential elections 1992 Alfred G. Cuzán
4 Fiscal policy and presidential elections, 1880-1992 Research note 1996 Alfred G. Cuzán
5 Fiscal policy as a forecasting factor in presidential elections 1999 Alfred G. Cuzán
6 Fiscal policy and presidential elections Update and extensions 2000 Alfred G. Cuzán
7 Deconstructing the 2004 presidential election forecasts The Fiscal Model and the Campbell Collection compared 2005 Alfred G. Cuzán
8 Cuba’s ranking in the Fitzgibbon democracy surveys Reflecting a leftist bias? 2007 Alfred G. Cuzán
9 Forecasting the 2008 presidential election A challenge for the fiscal model 2008 Alfred G. Cuzán
10 Predicting presidential elections with equally weighted regressors in Fair's equation and the Fiscal Model 2009 Alfred G. Cuzán
11 Forecasting the 2008 presidential election with the fiscal model The challenge met 2009 Alfred G. Cuzán
12 Fiscal policy in American presidential elections A simulation 2009 Alfred G. Cuzán
13 Predicting the results of the 2010 midterm elections Judgment, econometrics, and prediction markets 2011 Alfred G. Cuzán
14 Five laws of politics A follow-up 2019 Alfred G. Cuzán