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1 A knowledge engineering, team-based approach to introducing security assurance cases 2013 Norman Wilde
2 A knowledge-based system approach for extracting abstractions from service oriented architecture artifacts 2013 George Goehring
3 Addressing big data challenges and opportunities within Florida’s electrical energy sector 2013 Dallas H. Snider
4 Creating reports with SQL Server 2012 Reporting Services 2013 Dallas Snider
5 Concept mapping for the efficient generation and communication of security assurance cases 2014 John Coffey
6 Using concept maps to introduce software security assurance cases 2014 Dallas Snider
7 Defining threats across organizational boundaries 2014 Sarah Pramanik
8 Similarity measures in smart building electrical demand data 2015 Dallas Snider
9 Creating a cost-effective air-to-ground network simulation environment 2015 Lem R. Soles
10 Moving towards an adaptive enterprise intrusion detection and prevention system 2015 Thomas Cole Amick
11 A tool set for managing virtual network configurations 2016 Lem R. Soles
12 Wearable Accelerometers in High Performance Jet Aircraft 2016 G. M. Rice
13 CV 2016
14 A process to transfer Fail2ban data to an adaptive enterprise intrusion detection and prevention system 2016 Mike Ford
15 Development of a web-based registry to support diabetes care in free medical clinics 2016 Norman McFadden
16 IBM Watson analytics Automating descriptive and predictive statistics 2016 Robert Hoyt
17 Building automation systems and cyber security A multiple discipline perspective 2017 Glenda Mayo
18 Knowledge elicitation and conceptual modeling to foster security and trust in SOA system evolution John W. Coffey