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1 An ethnohistorical perspective on hunter-gatherer complexity in South Florida 2008 John E. Worth
2 The Eastern Creek frontier History and archaeology of the Flint River towns, ca. 1750-1826 April 4, 1997 John E. Worth
3 An ethnohistorical synthesis of Southeastern chiefdoms How does Coosa compare? November 15, 2003 John E. Worth
4 The evacuation of South Florida, 1704-1760 November 13, 2003 John E. Worth
5 Rediscovering Pensacola’s lost Spanish missions November 15, 2008 John E. Worth
6 Missions of the Camino Real Timucua and the colonial system of Spanish Florida 1998 John E. Worth
7 San Joseph de Escambe A 18th-century Apalachee mission in the West Florida borderlands January 8, 2001 John E. Worth
8 Timucua and the colonial system in Florida The rebellion of 1656 January 9, 1992 John E. Worth
9 Exploration and trade in the deep frontier of Spanish Florida Possible sources for 16th-century Spanish artifacts in Western North Carolina 1994 John E. Worth
10 Bridging history and prehistory General reflections and particular quandries November 9, 2012 John E. Worth
11 The social geography of South Florida during the Spanish colonial era April 30, 2006 John E. Worth
12 Yamassee origins and the development of the Carolina-Florida frontier June 12, 1999 John E. Worth
13 Coastal chiefdoms and the question of agriculture An ethnohistorical overview November 12, 1999 John E. Worth
14 Forging a new identity in Florida’s refugee missions July 2009 John E. Worth
15 Archaeological investigation of a Mississippian fall-line chiefdom on the Middle Flint River. October 22, 1988 John E. Worth
16 A history of Southeastern Indians in Cuba, 1513-1823 October 21-23, 2004 John E. Worth
17 The Luna Settlement in archaeological and documentary perspective 2019 John E. Worth