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1 Abandoning strategy Assessing negative feedback and the Bush doctrine 2013 Jacob Shively
2 Analyzing grand strategy as empirical phenomenon during the Trump administration 2018 Jacob Shively
3 Consensus and divergence in international studies Survey evidence from 140 international studies curriculum programs 2006 Jacob Shively
4 Drones as tools of the state system 2015 Jacob Shively
5 Grand strategic scope in early WWII Germany and Japan April 2010 Jacob Shively
6 Grand strategy constraints and feedback during the GW Bush and Obama administrations August 2014 Jacob Shively
7 Hope, change, pragmatism Analyzing Obama’s grand strategy 2016 Jacob Shively
8 Lost ambition Grand strategy stability and abandoned change in the Jimmy Carter and George W. Bush administrations May 2014 Jacob Shively
9 Reinhold Niebuhr and prescriptions for international leadership June 2010 Jacob Shively
10 States systems, origins of 2017 Jacob Shively