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1 EOF analysis of morphological response to Hurricane Ivan 2007 Chris Houser
2 Chapter 11 Rip current hazards at Pensacola Beach, Florida 2011 Chris Houser
3 Impacts of Hurricane Katrina on the geomorphology of the Mississippi Barrier Islands 2007 Chris Houser
4 Sediment--asset or liability 1981 Johannes L. van Beek
5 USA--Louisiana 1988 K. Meyer-Arendt
6 Utilization of remote sensing in wetland management 1981 Karen M. Wicker
7 Casino gambling in America Origins, trends, and impacts 1998 Klaus Meyer-Arendt
8 Chapter 34 Tourism and the natural environment 2004 Klaus Meyer-Arendt
9 Grand Isle The evolution of a Louisiana seaside resort 1987 Meyer-Arendt, Klaus J.
10 Barrier island settlement and landuse evolution A Gulf Coast model 1987 Meyer-Arendt, Klaus J.
11 Louisiana wetland loss and sea level rise A regional management approach to the problem 1987 Paul Templet
12 Hurricanes and casinos in Biloxi, Mississippi 1999 Rob Schwartz
13 Analysis of land use and land cover changes on the Mississippi Coast 1950s-1992 1995 Stephen M. Oivanki
14 CV