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1 Neuroprotective effects of endurance exercise against high-fat diet-induced hippocampal neuroinflammation 2016 Eun-Bum Kang
2 The effect of a low glycemic vs. high glycemic pre-exercise meal in recreationally trained endurance cyclists 2016 Green T. Waggener
3 Novel interactions between erythroblast macrophage protein and cell migration 2016 Gulnaz T. Javan
4 Progression of thanatophagy in cadaver brain and heart tissues 2016 Gulnaz T. Javan
5 Mitochondrial antioxidant enzymes and endurance exercise-induced cardioprotection against ischemia-reperfusion injury 2018 Insu Kwon
6 Effects of long-term resistance exercise training on autophagy in rat skeletal muscle of chloroquine-induced sporadic inclusion body myositis 2015 Insu Kwon
7 Role of exercise and dietary supplementation in attenuation of traumatic brain injury in American football 2019 Kyle Rank
8 The effects of concurrent training on female soccer players 2018 Lauren Adlof
9 Associations between functional movement screening, the Y balance test, and injuries in Coast Guard training 2016 Ludmila Cosio-Lima
10 Effects of a periodized training program and a traditional military training program on functional movement and Y-balance tests in ROTC cadets 2017 Ludmila M. Cosio-Lima
11 Effect of combined anti-inflammatory and nutritional supplements on recovery from resistance exercise 2017 S.A. Baggett
12 Association of exercise-induced autophagy upregulation and apoptosis suppression with neuroprotection against pharmacologically induced Parkinson's disease 2018 Yongchul Jang
13 Modulation of mitochondrial phenotypes by endurance exercise contributes to neuroprotection against a MPTP-induced animal model of PD 2018 Yongchul Jang
14 Neuroprotective effects of endurance exercise against neuroinflammation in MPTP-induced Parkinson's disease mice 2017 Yongchul Jang
15 Endurance exercise mediates neuroprotection against MPTP-mediated Parkinson's disease via enhanced neurogenesis, antioxidant capacity, and autophagy 2018 Yongchul Jang
16 Talin A potential protein biomarker in postmortem investigations 2016 Zahra K. Campell
17 CV