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1 Role of corporations in addressing climate change 2018 Haris Alibašić
2 Sustainability and resilience planning for local governments The quadruple bottom line strategy 2018 Haris Alibašić
3 Sustainable energy policy for state and local governments 2018 Haris Alibašić
4 Leadership strategies for embedding sustainability and resilience in organizations with an emphasis on sustainable energy 2018 Haris Alibašić
5 Redesigning organizations for maximum resiliency in dynamic environments 2018 Haris Alibašić
6 Measuring the sustainability impact in local governments using the quadruple bottom line 2017 Haris Alibašić
7 Leading climate change at the local government level 2018 Haris Alibašić
8 Paris Climate Accord sans the USA The role of local governments in confronting the effects of climate change and increasing resilience 2018 Haris Alibašić
9 Ethics and sustainability in local government 2018 Haris Alibašić
10 Review of "Business Improvement Districts in the United States: Private Government and Public Consequences" by Abraham Unger 2018 Haris Alibašić
11 Developing and continuing sustainability-related academic programming Observations of emerging practices 2018 Haris Alibašić
12 Sustainability as organizational strategy 2018 Haris Alibašić
13 The nexus of sustainability and climate resilience planning Embedding climate resilience policies in local governments 2018 Haris Alibašić
14 Ethics of resiliency in crisis management 2018 Haris Alibašić
15 Applying good governance through policy labs 2020 Haris Alibašić
16 Brexit by Toby Haynes Moral and ethical irrelevance and naïve expectations 2019 Haris Alibašić
17 The administrative and ethical considerations of climate resilience The politics and consequences of climate change 2020 Haris Alibašić
18 Fake news in context Truth and untruths 2019 Haris Alibašić