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1 Investigating the Role of Collective Trust, Collective Efficacy, and Enabling School Structures on Overall School Effectiveness May 2016 Julie Gray
2 Enabling school structures, collegial trust and academic emphasis Antecedents of professional learning communities 2016 Julie A. Gray
3 Student satisfaction and perceived learning in online learning environments The mediating effect of student engagement 2015 Julie A. Gray
4 International professional learning communities The role of enabling school structures, trust, and collective ffficacy 2015 Julie A. Gray
5 Enabling school structures, trust, and collective efficacy in private international schools 2016 Julie A. Gray
6 Organizational and relational factors in professional learning communities 2014 Julie Gray
7 Developing professional learning communities through enabling school structures, collegial trust, academic emphasis, and collective efficacy 2017 Julie A. Gray
8 Trust and friction A multilevel analysis of elementary math classrooms 2015 W. Sean Kearney
9 Collective efficacy collegial leadership, and a culture of trust Predicting academic optimism and overall effectiveness 2012 Julie A. Gray
10 The effects of student engagement, student satisfaction, and perceived learning in online learning environments 2016 Julie A. Gray
11 CV 2016 Julie A. Gray
12 QEP overview June 17, 2015 Gray, Julie
13 Emerge vs. QEP 2015 Gray, Julie