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1 Early season NBA over/under bias 2013 Clay Girdner
2 Institutional distance and cross-border venture capital investment flows 2015 Curt B. Moore
3 Discovery and exploitation 2012 Dinesh N. Iyer
4 The deal structuring stage of the venture capitalist decision‐making process Exploring confidence and control 2009 G. Tyge Payne
5 Competitive dynamics among service SMEs 2009 G. Tyge Payne
6 Fit as moderation and matching A test of strategy and structure congruence in relationship to performance 2007 G. Tyge Payne
7 Exploiting week 2 bias in the NFL betting markets 2015 Justin Davis
8 Entrepreneurial orientation 2012 Justin L. Davis
9 A few bad apples? Scandalous behavior of mutual fund managers 2007 Justin L. Davis
10 Team interdependence and turnover Evidence from the NFL 2014 Justin L. Davis
11 Stale in the pulpit? Leader tenure and the relationship between market growth strategy and church performance 2010 Justin L. Davis
12 Corporate leadership in sustainability A green ranking performance-based approach to understanding corporate social responsibility (CSR) and positive marketing impact 2018 Justin L. Davis
13 Social capital 2012 Justin L. Davis
14 Patience is a virtue Exploiting behavior bias in gambling markets 2021 Kevin Krieger
15 Firm-level entrepreneurship The role of proactiveness, innovativeness and strategic renewal in the creation and exploration of opportunities 2010 Patrick Kreiser
16 Entrepreneurial orientation and firm performance The unique impact of innovativeness, proactiveness, and risk-taking 2010 Patrick M. Kreiser
17 A revised conceptual model of the firm‐level entrepreneurial process 2009 Patrick M. Kreiser
18 CV