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1 Profiles of selected pollutants in Bayou Texar, Pensacola, FL 2005 Carl J. Mohrherr
2 Screening of selected contaminants in sediments of Escambia Bay, Pensacola, FL 2009 Carl J. Mohrherr
3 Polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) profiles, degradation, and aroclor origin in sediments of Escambia Bay, Florida 2012 Carl J. Mohrherr
4 Sediment and water pollution in Bayou Chico, Pensacola, FL. 2006 Carl J. Mohrherr
5 Environmental assessment of sediments and water in Bayou Grande, Pensacola, FL. 2008 Carl J. Mohrherr
6 Influence of estimation procedure on soil organic carbon stock assessment in Flanders, Belgium 2003 J. Liebens
7 Pollution in an urban bayou Magnitude, spatial distribution and origin 2006 J. Liebens
8 Short term changes in soil under mob grazing 2015 Linda Grimminger
9 Relationships between soils and presettlement forests in Baraga County, Michigan 1995 Linda R. Barrett
10 DDTs in soils affected by mosquito fumigation in Belize 2011 Michael F. Somerville
11 Predicting streambank erosion rates in the US Gulf Coastal Plain 2015 Mitchell McMilan
12 Streambank erosion model for the northern Gulf of Mexico coastal plain 2016 Mitchell McMillan
13 A statistical model for streambank erosion in the Northern Gulf of Mexico coastal plain 2018 Mitchell McMillan
14 Evaluating the BANCS streambank erosion framework on the northern Gulf of Mexico coastal plain 2017 Mitchell McMillan
15 Predicting streambank erosion rates in the US Gulf coastal plain BEHI and Beyond 2016 Mitchell McMillan
16 Postglacial landscape evolution of northeastern lower Michigan, interpreted from soils and sediments 2000 Randall J. Schaetzl
17 Exploring relationship between asthma and air pollution A geospatial methodology using dasymetric mapping, GIS analysis, and spatial statistics 2007 Z. Hu
18 Linking stroke mortality with air pollution, income, and greenness in Northwest Florida An ecological geographical study 2008 Zhiyong Hu
19 CV 2016