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1 Relative-age relationships of debris flow deposits in the Southern Blue Ridge, North Carolina 1997 Johan Liebens
2 Map and database construction for an historic cemetery Methods and applications 2003 Johan Liebens
3 Sediment pollution pathways of trace metals and petroleum hydrocarbons in a small industrialized estuary Bayou Chico, Pensacola, FL 2007 Johan Liebens
4 Spatial distribution and potential origin of pollutants in an urban-Industrial estuary 2009 Johan Liebens
5 Impacts of industry on environmental quality of urban soils 2010 Johan Liebens
6 Associations between Dioxins/Furans and Dioxin-Like PCBs in Estuarine Sediment and Blue Crab 2011 Johan Liebens
7 Associations between dioxins/furans and dioxin-like PCBs in sediment and blue crab in anthropogenically impacted estuaries 2011 Johan Liebens
8 Influence of secondary roads on soil heavy metal concentrations 2012 Johan Liebens
9 Trace metal assessment in soils in a small city and its rural surroundings, Pensacola, FL, USA 2012 Johan Liebens
10 PCBs and PCDD/Fs in a historically polluted estuary along the northern Gulf of Mexico 2014 Johan Liebens
11 DDT, dioxins, and PCBs in sediments in a historically polluted estuary along the Gulf of Mexico 2015 Johan Liebens
12 Predicting stream bank erosion on the northern Gulf of Mexico coastal plain Pitfalls and solutions 2015 Johan Liebens
13 A practical streambank erosion model for the coastal plain of the northern Gulf of Mexico 2016 Johan Liebens